Who are we?

An in the Netherlands based clothing label which was founded in 2018 by young entrepreneur Stefan Wateler. We strive to give men the extra confidence with the variety of our brands. All fabrics we use are carefully chosen and every one of our partners are vetted to perceive the best quality throughout the world.

Other than designing and creating sophisticated clothes for men, Wateler Clothing has a bigger purpose. We create a community which purely consist out of people that chase the highest goals. By bringing these people together we work hard every day to fulfil all our ambitions.

Hard enough

A uniquely designed brand by Wateler Clothing.

Sometimes even the little things in life feel ‘Hard Enough’ by creating this brand we have made clothes that are comfortable enough to wear every day and are classy enough to impress people by your style. This brand solely stands for ‘his air of sophistication and confidence.’

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